The Johnsonville Charitable Trust was formed on 27 May 1987 and was originally named the Johnsonville District Trust. While initially associated with the then Johnsonville Licencing Trust, it has a Trust Deed that was designed to enable independent operation into the future

The Johnsonville Charitable Trust covers the geographic areas of interest from Johnsonville (inc Raroa), Broadmeadows, Churton Park, Newlands, Grenada Village, Takapu Rd, and some specific areas of Tawa.

As a charitable Trust, the Inland Revenue Department has granted an exemption from income tax liability. The Trust is also registered with the Charities commission (Johnsonville Charitable Trust registration number CC22101, Johnsonville Property Trust Limited registration number CC22302).


One Trustee retires by rotation (or agreement) every two years and nominations are sought through a public advertising process to determine whom should serve on the Trust for the forthcoming period. This is prescribed in the Trust Deed. The Trust elects its own Chairperson from Trustees at each annual meeting.

Nominations must come from persons resident within the Trust area and should be nominated 11 days before a meeting especially called for said purpose.


Tracy Hurst-Porter (Chairperson), Christine Davies (Deputy Chairperson), Graeme Sawyer, Naomi Godfrey and Tony Randall.


The Trust is not restricted as to which particular charitable purposes it can support or in which area it may grant funds, but has a preference to fund projects that give benefits to the communities within the Trust area.

While some Trusts conduct regular calls for grant applications every year or operate an on-going grant process, the JCT has a preference for less frequent grants for capital works projects. This enables larger grants to be provided.

The Trust will consider grant applications four times a year in February, May, August and November. All applications are to be in the hands of the Secretary by the 15th of the month preceding. The Trustees’ decision as to whether or not an application is or is not approved is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Trust, continues to promote the local Christmas Lunch for Senior Citizens. With space limitation to about 250 people each year.